We Strengthen One Another

Have you ever looked back, with amazement, at how God puts us together with the right people at the right time? Last week, while vacationing in Maui, I met a sister in Christ. Over brunch, we quickly discerned how we could help each other. Linda travels a lot and needed resources to encourage daily bible study while on the road.  At home, she’d also like to share her insights with others. I led her to Community Bible Study and explained how she could start a sharing group at her church.

I need new diet and fitness inspiration now and then to keep me motivated. Linda taught me the value of pushups for core strength. She also shared her breakfast tips: alternate oatmeal, cottage cheese and apple one day with hard-cooked egg and salad the next. Neither Linda nor I approached the other in judgment—over lack of physical or spiritual fitness. We simply had a sincere desire to strengthen each other’s lives.

When framed together, a building composed of many parts forms one unit. The body of Christ, composed of many individuals, becomes complete by holding each other together. Each essential member contributes to the structure’s strength and stability. Well designed for their specific functions and perfectly organized in their proper places, the whole arrangement works together to support its future growth.

Each part has a unique function. Each member receives gifts that contribute something necessary for the whole to function properly. When working according to their right places, the various parts function without signs of stress and exhaustion. No one idles and none overwork. The support required and supplied by each part is in proportion to its strength and the more individuals improve their gifts, the greater the benefit for all. Positioned outside of their divinely designed places, the different parts can damage the integrity of the structure.

Each part is united to the others. Though they differ in makeup, each part receives—not resists—the action of the others to produce the desired effect. Properly adjusted in the best place and united to the other members, each part produces the most potential for strength. Each member depends on the others for its support and sustenance. Every part of the body works toward the harmonious growth of the whole. Love cements the bond of their union.

Each part supports the others’ growth. This amazing supportive network grows in one of two ways. It builds up as the individual members exercise love toward one another. And, the framework grows when persons are added to it. Love is always the vital power that causes the upbuilding.

He makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love. Ephesians 4:16

Do you share your gifts with others—without judgment? Do you receive the gifts of others—in love? Let’s strengthen and support one another in a way that makes others want to join us.

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