Today, more than ever before, I feel sadness for the number of people who struggle with confusion. In a world that offers so many choices, a great multitude of us, God’s created ones, have lost our bearings. The relative values of if it feels good, do it now replace the Biblical absolutes that once provided solid guideposts for our Earth path. To remedy this, I suggest we seek and find our True North.

I created Becoming Biblical for all who are interested in joining me on an interactive journey through the books of the Holy Scriptures. Our Creator did not leave us here to make our way in the dark with only a dim lantern. No, he gave us an inspired book, along with his Spirit, to enlighten the path for us. With this information, we can stay within the boundaries he provided, and make our journey with clarity.

Our next 6-week study will be on the book of Galatians and will begin this summer. We will use Community Bible Study’s Engaging God’s Word guidebook. Order your copy now so you will be ready to join us.

I will post my insights about each of the six lessons and invite others to add their insights in the comments. Please sign up for the blog if you would like to participate.