Delegate, A Word for 2020

I have BIG plans for 2020. To have any hope of accomplishing so many goals, I will definitely need a strategy. If you are someone who follows through with all of your good intentions and completes each one of the bullet points on your itemized list in a timely manner, then you probably need not read any further. However, if you are someone like me, who seeks to do many great things, but often burns out in the overwhelm of getting them all done, then I have an important tidbit of wisdom for you.

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Moving this last year created quite a bit of imbalance in my lifestyle. I know that adding more time for Scripture study and prayer in 2020 will help bring me back to my spiritual center. I must also do a better job of nurturing wellness in my body and soul. An hour of yoga three times a week advances the health of both body and mind in amazing ways. I have more family in my new locale and look forward to lots more social interaction and quality time with them. I now live in a community with abundant opportunity for joining in with a variety of meetups. I want to explore the book club and the quilting club. I also hope to improve my blog and better market my writing this year.

I am the type who tries to do everything that needs to be done. If anyone offers help, I tell them I’m fine, I’ve got this. Over the recent Christmas holidays, I learned a powerful lesson. About the middle of the afternoon on Christmas Eve, after finally unpacking the dishes I would need to host Christmas dinner the next day, I realized I did not have enough time to both get myself ready to attend our church service and prepare the wrap sandwiches I promised to bring to our family Christmas Eve gathering afterwards. In desperation, I explained the situation to my husband, who happily agreed to put the sandwiches together while I put myself together for church. I rather unhappily agreed to allow him to help.

Later that night, I knew I would be exhausted the next day if I stayed up prepping veggies and dip for the next day, so I asked hubby to assist with peeling and chopping while I mixed and stirred. On Christmas Day, while I stood in front of my bathroom mirror styling my hair and applying makeup before our family members arrived for dinner, my man washed and chopped potatoes, asparagus and garlic. While it felt uncomfortable to accept help with what I considered my work, it felt good to be able to carry out my plans and actually enjoy them.

You will surely wear out, both you and these people who are with you, for this is too heavy a burden for you; you are not able to do it by yourself. Exodus 18:18

Moses was called to the task of judge for the Israelites. Many cases were brought before him and he toiled with great care from morning to night, listening to even the meanest Israelite with kindness. The administration of justice in this matter was tiring to the people, who had to wait long hours to have their case heard. Jethro thought this was too much for Moses to manage alone and advised a better plan. Careful choice should be made to make others useful in this task. Moses accepted Jethro’s wise advice.

In past time crunch experiences, I might have made the hard decision to cancel my participation or postpone impending events. That has not been good for me and has strained my relationships, as well. It’s frustrating and the patience of others can fail when plans fall through or must be deferred.

Are you working up your goals for 2020? Do you plan to delegate some of your workload to assist with achieving your dreams? I wish you a year of blessing as you strive to maintain optimal wellness while on the path to accomplishing many good things.

I hope you will join me in January. I plan to share some Christian perspectives about spiritual wellness.


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