Want Grace? Meditate

I wait for him. He arrives, comes alive in the here and now. He sits right there, next to me. I feel the warmth of my Companion’s love as it illuminates my spirit. I touch the hem of his garment. His soft whisper touches me back, ever so gently. I taste the sweet honey of communion. My cup overflows with contentment.

Why Meditate?

My desire to meditate flows from my intense love of the Bible. To say I love the Bible doesn’t exactly communicate my emotions. I’m completely enamored by it! It’s hard to find words to express the intensity of my affection for this Book. God’s commands delight me. They often serve as the subjects of my meditation. Why should I so love the instructions that frequently correct me? Only one explanation makes sense. God’s grace! It holds so much worth for me. How my soul has been nourished by grace. How I have benefited by the precious promises that lie within God’s grace. My life is so much better for having meditated upon them.

Grace Takes Root

Meditation upon Scripture is central to my Christian experience. I consider it to be the foundation for nourishing my interior life. When I study Scripture, I focus on exegesis, using critical analysis to interpret the passage. When I meditate on the Word of God, I don’t analyze God’s words to me. I simply receive them. God personalizes the Bible passage for me; it becomes a living word addressed specifically to my needs. The graces of meditation turn head knowledge into heart knowledge. I internalize Scripture and it takes root in me. I take these peaceful moments of grace with me throughout the day.

Grace, My Constant Companion

I meditate in God’s Word because I love it. Then, I love it more because I meditate in it. As I have become familiar with the Bible, I desire even more. Of course, that desire motivates me to experience it even more. I can’t get enough of the Word. The day is not long enough for the amount of time I would like to spend in the Bible. But, I can tarry there by saturating my mind with God’s Words as I conduct the busyness of my day. Then, the graces of the Bible become my constant companions, always with me. How can I show that I love God’s Word unless I practice it? I want to keep the Word of God ready.

Please pray with me: Father God, thank you for your Word and the practice of meditation to internalize it. Bless me with moments of sweet communion. In them, let your love flow, full of graces just for me. May they nourish me for and bring me overwhelming contentment on my journey. I depend on the hope that results from your graces. In Jesus’ name, I pray.

Oh, how I love your instructions! I think about them all day long. Psalm 119:97