Shield Me from My Enemies

Psalm 3

God, I have enemies. Lots of them. They seem bent on keeping me from my destiny. Their line of attack is to repeatedly rise up and shout, God’s help is for others, but not for you.

Lord, I need you to defend me from the despair of these claims. Help me to hold my head up and look these enemies straight in the eyes.

photography by bjwok /
photography by bjwok /

Keep fear far from me, my God. Don’t allow me to lose sleep over something like this. I can rest easily if I know your help will be there to sustain me again tomorrow.

Mighty One, you are bigger than my enemies! And, you know best how to prevent their aim from hitting the target. Come to my rescue! Render these attackers helpless in their efforts to bring me harm.

As I focus on the power I have in you, Heavenly Father, I place my deliverance in your trustworthy hands. Thank you for the assurance that quiets the voices of my enemies and those of my own anxious heart.



Are seemingly impossible problems keeping you from believing you can achieve victory in your goals? Are you trusting God to bear you up and make a way for you?