Do you trust God to always be there for you? Even when you’re stuck with less than what you consider the best of circumstances? In an effort to maintain harmony in the family and ease the strained relationship over pastureland for their flocks, Abram sacrificed his right to the best land and allowed Lot the first choice. Then, he built an altar to worship God at his new camp in the land not chosen by Lot (Genesis 13:5-11). Abram trusted that no matter where God placed him, God’s favor would always be there.


As a believer, you inherited an unshakable Kingdom, one that cannot be overthrown. History has revealed that no power of earth or hell can destroy its great laws and principles. The only empire destined never to fall, this Kingdom will endure here on earth to the end of time and then will become established in heaven forever. With such a kingdom comes assurance and encouragement to persevere.

The King holds your interests in his safekeeping. You can have confidence that your actions to do good will bring blessing to and have a permanent influence on future generations. One day, you will be crowned with success for all your efforts. If you believe in God and he reigns in your heart, you can have faith and hope in his Kingdom. Your reward is certain. And, if you have been delivered from the power of darkness, you are called to receive the Kingdom of heaven NOW.


God initiates worship when his Spirit touches your human spirit. During worship, you respond to his love. Singing, praising, communing and praying may all lead to worship, but worship is so much more. Corporate worship definitely has a place in your life, but do you worship the King on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday? God seeks true worshipers, those who continually worship him in spirit and truth (John 4:23).

TRUST is a disciplined way of worship that sets you before God so he can continually transform you. It’s a lifestyle that changes you. You begin in expectation. You hear God’s call to service. You’re affirmed in the mighty power of his Holy Spirit and you’re compelled to a greater level of obedience. Weekday worship opens you up to a disciplined adventure of life in the Spirit. When you place trust in the King, you tell him that you seek to worship him in all things.


When he admitted you into his heavenly Kingdom, God gave you the ability to hold fast to the benefits of which you have been privileged. This gift is called grace. By grace, you can live to well please God and acceptably serve him with reverence and true devotion. Whether at work or play, if you’re eating or even sleeping, all your thoughts can be a trusting conversation with God.  As you develop your habit of conversation with the King, it will become easier for you to distinguish God’s voice from the din and distraction of daily life.

See, when you receive from God, you actually receive a transmission or communication. Give him your every thought and word. Seek his grace to serve him in your work. Don’t refuse God’s tender love by a lack of trust or unbelief. The King seeks only to be reconciled with you and for you to receive his everlasting favor. Offer him trust that arises from a deep sense of your unworthiness. He will graciously accept your offering of worship and you will know that Jesus is pleased.

Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us give thanks, by which we offer to God an acceptable worship with reverence and awe. Hebrews 12:28

What spiritual growth needs to take place in your life to reach the maturity Abram modeled when he allowed Lot to choose the best land? As you go on your way, will you join me on this journey by worshiping the King in trust?