The Light of God’s Dwelling Place

As a child, I delighted in all the different colored lights adorning Christmas trees and other holiday displays. When I became a young adult, I continued the tradition of decorating with an assortment of bulbs from every color in the rainbow. Eventually, I switched to using only clear white lights. Here’s why.

A Light So Bright and Dazzling

God is light itself and he is the giver of light to all his creatures. The light God inhabits is so brilliant that no one can approach it. Because of its exceeding brightness, human eyes cannot gaze intently upon the light where God dwells. They could not endure the inexpressible glory in which God surrounds himself.

Even Angels Must Shield Their Faces

MH910216961None of God’s created beings can approach the light that emanates from his dwelling place. Even the seraphim, the highest ranking angels because of their close proximity to God, cover their faces with two of their six wings as they fly above God’s throne (Isaiah 6:2). To witness his full glory would be a sight too powerful for even them to behold.

Yet Bids Us to Come Close

Heaven has no need of the sun, moon or stars. The glory of the Lord God is its light (Revelation 21:23). Christ has carried God’s light into our world. Consider the immensity of that for a moment. God’s light has come into the world by the coming of God to earth in the form of a man. The Light that is unapproachable to creatures has gone forth, extended himself to them and admitted them to come close.

He lives in light so brilliant that no human can approach him. 1Timothy 6:16b

Does celebrating the birth of Baby Jesus help to draw you closer to the God of Light and all his glory? Please comment with any thoughts you might like to add about Emmanuel, God with us.


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