Blue Violets

When blue violets come into view, I see the eternal faithfulness of God adorning the garden. I’m reminded that one day all the pain of broken marriages will disappear. Though earthly husbands and wives may not remain faithful to each other, our Heavenly Spouse will keep his promise to always be true blue.

Violets 75% I will betroth you in faithfulness, and you will acknowledge the LORD. Hosea 2:20

I thank God for giving me a husband who has faithfully loved me for 33 years of married life. In many ways, he has been the face of God’s grace to me. At the same time, God has enabled me to expect even more tenderhearted kindness from him than I do from my cherished husband.

God gives us faith to believe in him and to receive him. When we embrace his proposal and acknowledge him as our Spiritual Husband, we become mystically betrothed to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In that moment, God gives his promise. He will remain faithful and never break his covenant of grace with us, his beloved people.

When I reflect on God’s dedicated love for me, how he has nurtured a relationship with me, offered me unfaltering grace and sealed me for eternity, I wonder what keeps me from loving him enough to serve and obey him with all of my strength. Yet, despite my waywardness, God will not violate his marriage contract with me.

My heart truly breaks for so many of my friends who have experienced the brokenness of divorce. If you have not found loyal devotion in earthly marriage, does it help to know that one day we will all acknowledge we derive our personal worth and fulfillment from our relationship with Christ alone?


Gracious God, I’m grateful for your unending love for me. Thank you for your patience with me when I am not so loving as you. Help me to be more faithful to those I love and to you, my God. Amen.