The Heavy Yoke of Misplaced Priorities

We can allow others to place a heavy yoke upon us. And, we can place an unnecessary yoke upon ourselves, too.

I recently read a primer about blogging, only to discover a label for the problem my blog suffered lately—DBS, or Dead Blog Syndrome. The disorder describes a blog where weeks have gone by since the blogger’s last post. Eeeeeks! I’m told that if I want to publish a book, I need to be concerned about keeping up with so many things.

Well, sometimes, a blogger has a fever and swollen glands for a week. Sometimes, a blogger redecorates a room in her home with new furniture and draperies. That requires lots of shopping, window washing and finding a new home for the old furniture. Sometimes, a blogger makes preparations for an upcoming family visit. Sometimes, a blogger plans ahead for an important trip. SOMETIMES, LIFE HAPPENS TO A BLOGGER! Grace, please!

Because life happens, we need priorities to help keep us grounded in our core values. We all have those books that have been very meaningful to us. For me, a very important one has been HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE by Minirth and Meier. In the book, the authors outline:


  1. Commit your life daily to the purpose of glorifying Jesus Christ.
  2. Spend some time each day by meditating on God’s Word and applying it to your life.
  3. Get rid of grudges daily.
  4. Spend time nearly every day getting more intimate with your mate and children. Parents, brothers, sisters, and other close relatives should also have a high priority. Do all you can to resolve family conflicts.
  5. Spend some time each week having fellowship and fun with at least one or two committed Christian friends of the same sex. If you are married, have fun with other married couples. In this way husband and wife can together benefit from intimacy with others.
  6. Be involved in a daily routine (including work, play, housework, projects) that brings personal satisfaction to you. Be convinced that this routine is God’s will and plan for your life—your way of glorifying Him.
  7. Do something nice for one special person each week.

My list of priorities looks something like this: prayer, bible study, family, friends, work, R&R, and ministry. Currently, my ministry includes blogging and writing. If time goes by without writing, it’s because my other priorities won’t allow it. At the end of the day—or my life—what will I regret more? That I missed a few weeks of posting to my blog? Or that I gave up the opportunity to live unburdened and in adherence to the priorities of my core values?

Is the heavy yoke of misplaced priorities weighing you down?