No other flower enlivens an early-autumn garden like the Chrysanthemum. And, nothing renews a dismal heart like the regenerative power that flows from the Spirit of God.


After he arose from the dead, Christ’s disciples witnessed their Lord alive. This brought them much gladness. Then, they watched him ascend heavenward to sit in the highest position at the right hand of God. Oh, my!

As believers, we now have reason to rejoice when we see, by faith, our risen and exalted Savior. Christ Jesus has righted all of our wrongs so that we can share in his resurrection and ascension into heaven. How can we not take joy in our amazing gift of righteousness, with its promise of a future in eternity?

The humble have seen it and are glad; You who seek God, let your heart revive. Psalm 69:32

If that’s not enough, our Gracious God pledges to supply all the grace we need to live in the here and now. From time to time, all hearts become draggy under the strain of a productive life. I wonder. If we diligently seek God’s face, looking upon the risen Christ and considering all the meaning our faith has for us, will we not find blessing upon blessing to give praise to God? And, to revive our faint hearts?

When I look at the jubilant chrysanthemum thriving while the rest of the garden has passed its prime, I see the sustaining power of the Spirit. We can rely upon the chrysanthemum’s long-lasting color to extend the life of the garden and we can have confidence in the power of God’s presence within to continually restore us to new life.

In nurturing the spiritual growth of that special someone whose faith shows readiness for harvesting, we have the privilege of sharing with them the glad joy a regenerated life offers us—both in these present moments and in those yet to come.

A Prayer for Renewal

Lord, during those times when I don’t feel so lively, rejuvenate me with the spiritual energy that comes from knowing all I possess in you.  When I find myself in the midst of grief, turn my complaints to praise. Allow me to humbly serve as a model of one who looks to you and, with a glad heart, finds new life. All because of Christ Jesus, amen.