Accumulation Steals Abundance

One of today’s false teachers bears the name Accumulation. Clad in affluence and touting security, he attempts to break into the peace of my simple abundance. Using deception as a tool for entry, he then snares me and holds me hostage in his trap. He is a thief! He steals by invading, seizing and carrying off my freedom. I don’t want this robber sneaking into my home.

Simplicity involves an inward reality. It shows up as freedom from anxiety because living with simplicity leads to a joyful unconcern for possessions. I do not desire poverty. Often, it’s the poorest of people who crave riches the most. They do not know the freedom of simplicity. So, I do not renounce possessions. Rather, I rejoice in the contentment of choosing less. Practicing simplicity reorients my life so that possessions can be set in proper perspective and genuinely appreciated.

Accumulation’s false doctrine tends to death. So many unneeded things complicate my life—items that require dusting and storing, sorting and resorting. If I don’t simplify, I become a slave to my stuff and it becomes the object of my anxieties. A false teacher’s motive is to build himself up, so Accumulation comes to plunder. He has no desire to benefit me. His false doctrine poisons the mind, the emotions and the will, causing damage to the soul of the one who submits to him. His blessings become curses.

God’s true doctrine tends to life. He is the fountain of life. There is no death in him. Jesus has come that we might enjoy both the abundance of salvation to eternal life and also the necessarily good spiritual things in this life—love, grace and peace. Strong faith gives me a more lively hope and joyful exuberance about the life God has imparted. He gives me the wisdom and courage to keep him in first place, the number one priority of my life. Jesus is the bolt in the door that keeps Accumulation from entering and stealing my resolve to simplify.

Simplicity involves an outward lifestyle. If I truly believe in God’s promises, this spiritual discipline requires an active response. In keeping with the truth that less stuff equals more abundance, I’m spring cleaning. So far, I’ve donated a large dresser. One chest of drawers serves well in my guest room. I need to find a new home for a rarely used FAX machine in my office. It can be better utilized elsewhere. I’ve packed up thirty books for the public library. I’ll be at this for a while. Would you like to join me in increasing abundance by de-accumulating?

Please pray with me: Father God, thank you for giving me life in abundance apart from the accumulation of things. As I practice simplicity, I don’t want to fall into legalism or idolatry of the discipline itself. Please help me to keep my focus upon you and your Kingdom. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly. John 10:10