When No Awareness of God Exists

A married couple from Tibet traveled to the U.S. to attend a local university as international students. They left their only child in the care of relatives back home. Facing unplanned pregnancy, they scheduled an appointment at the nearby pregnancy help center, believing they could obtain an abortion there.

In their country, strong incentives motivate urban women to have only one child and then to abort any others or get sterilized. Women who comply receive bonuses which include monthly payments, priority for goods and job promotions, and free medical treatment for their one child until 18 years of age. Penalties apply for uncooperative women who break the rules by having an unauthorized child. They include stiff fines, along with limits placed on the affected child’s educational opportunities and food rations. Given these alternatives, women in Tibet have little choice concerning childbearing.

                   Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet            Former Residence of the Dalai Lama
Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet
Former Residence of the Dalai Lama

Once its own independent nation, the vast mountainous area situated between India and China now falls under Chinese sovereignty. When I questioned the Tibetans about God, the husband said his grandfather spoke of Buddha, but the People’s Republic of China now restricts the practice of religion in Tibet. However, the story of this young couple shows that our Sovereign God holds ultimate control over his world.

From one man he made every nation of the human race to inhabit the entire earth, determining their set times and the fixed limits of the places where they would live. Acts 17:26

When we work with those who have no awareness of a Supreme Being, we can cultivate spiritual growth by leading them to know the Creator. We can help them to see that God created humanity with a spiritual dimension. And, we can show them how their current circumstances reveal their unknown God and his invitation to them.

Creation of Humanity

We reveal the unity of humanity when we share how all have one common ancestor. We can tell the story of Adam’s offspring populating the earth until the flood destroyed them. Then, how God saved Noah and his descendants, and scattered them over the earth. As one united family with God as our Father, all of us can worship the One True God.

Set Times of Humanity

In emphasizing that God appointed distinct periods of time in which all of humanity will live down to the very days of each person’s life, we can ask others why they think they currently find themselves speaking with us. Once we get to the obvious, we can dig deeper to uncover the spiritual reason that may have led them to us.

Fixed Limits of Humanity

God plans where his created people will live on the earth and the length of time they will live in any locality. According to his sovereign will, he prearranges the places where we will flourish and he uses our life circumstances to direct us toward spiritual growth.

We will meet people who need practical help with a problem, but we do well to offer it within the context of their spiritual condition and need. When we seek to cultivate the spiritual soil of those whose spirits lie lost in a barren condition, we will have accomplished a great task if we only move them to a new awareness of the Creator.