Give Me a Heart Submitted to You

Psalm 2

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for helping me see more clearly the thoughts of people on each of the two paths in this life. The righteous think about how to follow your ways. The others think about how to rebel against you.

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God, you have set your King on the earth. Why do governments abandon your Anointed One when making their decisions? How nonsensical! Christ Jesus rules over your kingdom and, through him, your purposes on earth will come to fulfillment. May I never cave in to the pressure exerted by those in power who desert you.

You warn those who lead to act wisely. Or face the consequences.

As the King’s Father, you announce a proclamation. You say your Son will be given governing authority over all nationalities. You will place all of them under his guiding power. Those who have rebelled will face harsh discipline, even destruction.

Your authority ranks above all else. Why, oh why, would I choose to rebel from your rule? Fighting you will only make me look silly. Why should I try to do things my own way? Those secret plans and schemes will prove quite useless in the end.

If I reject your rule in my life, I will surely fall into serving something else. Like a destructive god determined to grip me tightly in his clutches. No, Father! While many may choose to turn from you, keep my heart softened toward your loving authority. I want my fulfillment to fall within your excellent will. Give me the grace to joyfully submit to you and serve you in awe.

Let me have no part with those who want to break their ties with you. If I reject anything, Lord, let me reject rebellion to total reliance upon you.




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