Psalm 1

Father, you tell me this life offers two paths. Psalm 1 / Evgeni Dinev / Evgeni Dinev

I can choose to keep company with the ungodly and follow their advice, going the route that rebels and scoffers tread.

Or not. Instead, I can delight in your guidance and teaching. I do want to experience all the goodness and power you have planned for me. Thank you, my God, for inviting me to gladly walk in this way.

I want to be like that fruitful tree planted near an abundantly flowing stream, well-watered by your generous care. Please, don’t allow my efforts to disappear like worthless waste that drifts away in the wind. Let the work of my hands find success in this season and in the next.

I can see a sharp contrast between the habits of the godly and those of the ungodly, and the corresponding results. If I fail to immerse myself in your Word, I leave myself vulnerable to entertaining any and every false philosophy that comes my way.

What gets my attention? In what do I take pleasure? Lord, help me to recognize sin in my life. Please, don’t allow me to suffer the consequences of refusing to work on my character defects. Let me be willing to change sinful habits.

And God, give me the power to turn away from the kind of people who might draw me into temptation. Turn my will toward you. Don’t let me take the path of the ungodly, those unable to stand in your presence or with the great gathering of your righteous ones on the last day.

Lord, please keep your watchful eye over me and my way.




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